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 Patricia Lubricants(Shanghai) Limited founded in 2003, is invested by the British Cayman Islands company Carry Technology International Co., Ltd. The company has the senior technical team, the perfect production process, the advanced inspection equipment, the first-class warehouse management, the logistics supporting facilities, and has enough stock in stock to serve the dealers and terminal users at home and abroad in all industries. After many years of production and sales efforts, it has been recognized by many customers, such as automobile industry, all kinds of vehicle parts manufacturing plant, steel industry, nonferrous metal, petrochemical industry, machinery, power, paper making, compressor manufacturing plant, food industry and so on.

Patricia Lubricants(Shanghai) Limited production products include synthetic chain oil, synthetic frozen oil, air compressor oil, hydrocarbon gas compressor oil, PAG base oil, high temperature synthetic gear oil, vacuum pump oil, metal processing oil, molding oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, special grease, anti card agent oil ointment and other industrial equipment special oil.
In recent years, the company has introduced special oil for food grade equipment: food grade hydraulic oil, food grade gear oil, food grade bearing oil, food grade white oil, food grade chain oil, food grade silicon oil, food grade compressor oil and so on. All the products have passed the NSF certification of the United States. Provide food safety and sustainable development for customers in the food industry. Archine food grade lubricants have been widely recognized in food filling plant, bread baking plant, biscuit factory, biopharmaceutical plant, sugar factory, tea production plant, meat and meat slaughterhouse and other industries.
The purpose of Xi Ya lube oil is: with excellent product quality, perfect service, reduce production cost for customers, provide the sustainable development of oil program, and cooperate with partners to develop together.